Aaron Orbit was born and raised as Aaron Johnson in the Southern California beachside city of Ventura. As the son of an accomplished musician and recording engineer, Orbit was infatuated with music at an early age and began learning guitar in elementary school. Not long after he formed his first band, Psycho Café, which found the young frontman splitting homework time with gigs on the Sunset Strip. Though his first love was the guitar, Orbit, after being pushed by his bandmates, found out he was also a natural singer.

After high school Orbit was asked to join, 8STOPS7, an alternative hard rock band that had just signed to Reprise Records and needed an additional guitar player and backup vocalist. With 8STOPS7, Orbit was able to tour the United States extensively playing at major festivals and opening up for a who’s who of popular bands. After 8STOPS7 parted ways with their label, the band took a much-needed break from the road and Orbit took the time to form a new band, Le Meu Le Purr.

Le Meu Le Purr’s original, and often experimental hard rock found the band almost instantly fielding label offers and receiving rave reviews for their sets at the CMJ and SXSW festivals, ultimately leading the band to sign a deal with TVT Records. Shortly before the band’s first record for TVT was to be released though, the shifting music industry found TVT abruptly out of business, freezing the release of Le Meu Le Purr’s record. Wasting no time, Orbit and company, decided to self-release the record and hit the road, touring nationally on the independent circuit.

It was during a hiatus from performing live with Le Meu Le Purr that 2011 the genesis of Orbit’s solo career began. Spurred by a series of sudden dramatic changes in his personal and professional life, and a want to combine his love of music and film, Orbit began feverishly writing without worrying about being beholden to any band’s genre. The result was Orbit’s "Sunday Morning Murder Songs", a tour de force of a debut that is alternative in the truest sense of the word. Shortly after the release, Orbit was invited to perform at Toronto's Indie Music Week. Having no band, Orbit grabbed an acoustic and a friend's Mazda and drove across the country by himself, performing at various venues and sleeping in rest areas, finally reaching his destination. His next 2 releases, the ep "M.E.C.O." and 2018's full-length "Monolith", saw Orbit performing every core instrument on each recording. On his latest record “XOAO”, due July 23', Orbit describes the sound as a mix between the two previous adding, “I'm really happy to be releasing ”XOAO" because it feels like the final chapter of the trilogy. I can move on now."

In addition to solo releases, since 2016, Aaron Orbit has served as the bassist in LA's satanic doo-wop group “Twin Temple”. For more info