1. Open Letter

From the recording Sunday Morning Murder Songs

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Drums - Dustin Kithcart


Someone call the front line
There's been an accident
The crowd that unified has died
the covers blown, it came and went
the weapons of decay
hide the leaders standing tall
the souls and remains are now
shadows dancing on the wall
now everyone is talking
but no one says a word
from misleading conversation
to the rumors that you overheard
we gotta find a voice that soars
much higher than the birds
we can't afford to worry how
they're going to shoot us down to earth

I'm sending this to you
I'm sending this to you

some of us are searching
through endless clouds of dust
some of us refuse to find
the diamond that hides in our rough
are they waiting for a savior
to save em from themselves
well if Jesus Christ was dramatised
they'd sit and wait for something else
the wine has turned to water
and now it's turned to mud
well maybe it's these words of dirt
or maybe it's me inner flood
but I'm sick of taking orders
and I'm sick of telling lies
so tell what do you expect
I promise not to compromise

I'm sending this to you
I'm sending this to you

These letters with love

sending you these things in a letter to the world
like a poor boy sings for he knows not what is in store
hope something beautiful like he's never seen before
can he hold on to what he wrote in this song of ours