1. Papier-Mâché

From the recording XOAO


Burning beds take a rest and ignore us
We’re dreaming a new
We’re Papier-Mâché

Sleeping sound with no ground left below us
Something in the room
Call it Papier-Mâché

You look better but better is broken
One together from two
with Papier-Mâché

Patiently I waited until I saw the light come on
It was inviting
Trembling I came to the door
They sold my ticket home
Nothing surprising

Fight the faceless
Force the focus
Time is timeless
Breathe for breathless
Shaming shameless
Grace for graceless
Save the hopeless
One and one and one
become one

Someone fell from up high just to warn us
If we should continue
We need Papier-Mâché

Before my final breath was broke
She looked into my eyes and spoke

The sky won’t save you
When you’re not safe at all

No, you’re not safe at all