1. Dora Flood

From the recording XOAO


Hello Miss Dora Flood
Would you please pour me something good
Sitting here is weird
It’s been too long
It feel good to be home

Shoebox blues from candy crush
Did what’s her name marry what’s his fuck
Feels the same
So strange
It’s changed so much
The past has passed the buck

So much to see
So much work
So much she’s with another jerk
All the feels are really catching up
It’s sucks feeling stuck

In Dora Flood I do trust
Cause she’s seen us at our worst
Judge and jury
Love, lost and lust
My shady lady luck

The grown are growing up
With shady lady luck

There are no roads
Left here to fake
Keep on your toes
What ever it takes
Time can be cruel
And time will not wait
Fall through the cracks
Repeat or replace
Here’s to the ones
That see all the brake
Here’s to the ones
That learn from mistakes
Here’s to the ones
That have lost their way
I hope you find your way

The stories that we will tell